Essay about Asymmetric Warfare And The War On Terrorism

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Before diving too deep into the idea of offset strategies, you must first understand the concept of asymmetric warfare. As defined by the Encyclopedia of Military Science, asymmetric warfare is “an inferior power fighting a superior power as each side strives to exploit the other’s disadvantages”. The inferior power is referred to as the insurgency, and the superior power’s efforts to shut down the insurgency is called counterinsurgency. Insurgents generally attempt to take advantage of the greater powers’ weaknesses or vulnerabilities as well as try to break the control they have over the state whether institutionally or morally. In this paper, I will primarily be focusing on how insurgents have responded to American aggression. While Americans have really only been focused on asymmetric warfare since the Global War on Terrorism began, it has been around for much longer than most people realize. An example of this relating to the United States would be the Vietnam War, for instance. Vietnam used guerilla war tactics and were able to withstand massive amounts of firepower. This resulted in a long, tedious war which led to civil unrest back in the US to the advantage of Viet Cong. My next, better known example is 9/11. The terrorist group al Qaeda focused on destroying not only very visible and physical objects of the United States but objects they knew would hold an emotional value to the American people as well. This ploy worked in that it scared the nation but instead of…

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