Offshore Balancing Essay

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The global issue raised in this article is whether or not offshore balancing can be used in today’s world and be an effective practice that the UNited States should readopt. The practice of offshore balancing is a strategic international relation where a great power uses a favorable country to check the rise in power in a non favorable hostile country. Mearsheimer states that “offshore balancing, the United States would calibrate its military posture according to the distribution of power in the three key regions. If there is no potential hegemon in sight in Europe, Northeast Asia, or the Gulf then there is no reason to deploy ground or air forces there and little need for a large military establishment at home” which shows how offshore balancing …show more content…
If the economy is being stimulated then the country will be growing its gross domestic product and the power of influence is has on other countries without being onshore. This domestic use of money will promote the peace of the citizens and control the resentment due to the citizens not agreeing with the intervening and use of tax dollars in foreign affairs. The United States is known for trying to police the world which is a very costly and expensive practice. Mearsheimer shows this by stating “To restore the regional balance of power, the George H. W. Bush administration sent an expeditionary force to liberate Kuwait and smash Saddam’s military machine” and also “Tellingly, when U.S. policymakers deviated from that strategy—as they did in Vietnam, where the United States had no vital interests—the result was a costly failure”. Due to that these conflicts with Saddam and Vietnam were very costly promotes the idea of offshore balancing to be more effective if you truly remain offshore. The author uses a realist perspective due to using past events to gauge how and what outcomes will be most likely to occur in the future. Mearsheimer uses facts and past events to predict the future instead of hopes and feelings to predict future …show more content…
The state actors will be affected because countries will have to communicate between each other and promote treaties or control the influence of one 's government over anothers citizens. In certain cases nonstate actors can become a part of offshore balancing. One of these cases is the power distribution in the middle east breaks down to which countries have the most oil and how OPEC decides for it to be distributed. The power in the middle east breaks down to who has the most oil and this decides who the United States will try to influence with its hegemony. The levels of analysis that would be most affected by offshore balancing are domestic, interstate, and global. These levels are all affected differently but all are affected through this process of offshore balancing. The domestic level of analysis is affected by the homefront receiving more of the state 's resources instead of the resources going out to other countries and to intervene in conflicts that the Unites States does not need to control. This will allow for the citizens to receive more of their tax dollars and for them to stay in the country and to boost the gross domestic product by having more money being used domestically.The interstate level of analysis is affected because the whole process of offshore balancing is to use your influence to have a favorable country promote your

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