When Should We Go To War Analysis

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Over the years, we have had forty-three presidents who varied in age, political views and race. Each of these president’s had their own ideas and view points on different subjects, one being when should the United States go to war. Is it important to be seen as powerful country, or more important to save the country’s resources? Many citizens put their trust into the president’s and those who make these decisions, to make our country safe and have those fighting for our country, come home safely. Although each president has had different viewpoints, there may not be a definite clear answer on when the United States should put themselves into international conflicts. My opinion is that the only time we should get involved in international conflict is when our nation is endangered or our close allies are threatening to turn into enemies.
Citizens are able to form their own opinions about when and why we should get involved. Looking closely at the war in Iraq, and the conclusion of it on August 31st, 2009, these differing views are stated in an article. “More than 4,400 U.S. military personnel have been killed in the war. Looking back, many are evaluating whether the endeavor was worth it. An ABC News poll found that 41 percent of Americans believe it was, with 50 percent saying the war improved
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As stated in my thesis, I believe the only time necessary to go to war is when our country is in danger and our allies are slowly turning into our enemies. In an article titled, “Why We Fight Wars”, it states, “We might add that modern war is very, very expensive. For example, by any estimate the eventual costs (including things like veterans’ care) of the Iraq war will end up being well over $1 trillion dollars, that is, many times Iraq’s entire G.D.P” (Krugman, 2014). Going to unnecessary wars loses resources that can be saved for more serious events that war is

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