Asssimilation And Accommodation Essay

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1. Assimilation and Accommodation (p. 175): Assimilation and accommodation are very important for the development of children. These two concepts are what allow us to process information and apply it in life. These concepts are closely related to schemes, which help organize thoughts, memories, and behaviors. We can take in new information and apply it to the schemes we have already created in our minds (assimilation). If the information is not what we would expect from the scheme that already exists, we can change that scheme in order to adjust to that new information (accommodation).
2. Disequilibrium (p.176): Disequilibrium is the process when a child encounters a discrepancy in what they expect to exist. Every time that a child encounters
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Conservation (p.184): Conservation is an important aspect of the concrete operational stage. You know a child is in the stage if they have mastered the concept of conservation. Conservation is when a child realizes that the basic properties do not change about an object when it is physically altered, such as Piaget’s test with the three beakers. If the child thought there was more liquid in the tall skinny glass after it was poured from a short wide glass, the child is still considered to be in the preoperational stage.
6. Imaginary Audience (p. 186): Imaginary audience is considered to be a part of the formal operational stage and a part of adolescent egocentrism. This is important because many teenagers go through this. They feel as if the whole world is watching them, and can lead them to feelings of insecurity. They assume that everyone is watching them, which is why it ties into the egocentrism. The world does not revolve around them, but they tend to believe it does.
7. Piaget’s Theory Applied to Teaching “Facilitate rather than direct learning” (p.189): I think that this idea is very important because it is applying everything Piaget understood about cognitive development in children. This is only one of the aspects involved, but it allows children to learn by doing instead of being lectured at in the classroom. I think this is an innovative way to teach children and they could learn a lot by being encouraged to understand by new
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I would spend hours in the morning doing my hair and make up before school. It was not only to just fit in. To me, it seemed like people were focused in on my life and cared about my appearance. I did not want people to judge me for being me. I felt that I needed to be prettier, so I began to wear make up like my classmates. I felt like I needed to by more stylish, so I would not wear hand-me-downs to school. I was constantly worried about what people were thinking about me. I would get anxious when I needed to enter a classroom full of people, knowing that they would all be looking at me as I walked in. I was self conscious about the remarks they would make in their heads about how I looked or what I was wearing. My “imaginary audience” was running my life for a majority of my middle and high school years. Since then, I have grown beyond those feelings and am understanding that those feelings were very normal as a

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