Essay On Nursing Competencies

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Competencies between associate versus baccalaureate degree nurse
Nursing has an outstanding role in health care. A professional provides advocacy, education, communication and patients care. They go above and beyond to satisfy patients’ needs and to provide the best care possible for their patient. However, the level of care they provide depends on their qualification, knowledge and experience. Ordinarily, we see two kinds of Registered Nurse in the hospital. Nurse with associate degree and nurse with baccalaureate degree. This paper will present the difference in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree level. Moreover, it will present how nursing approaches to decision-making may differ based upon their educational level.
Nursing has advanced to this level because of nursing research based on evidence based practice. Nursing interventions are based on patient outcome. “BSN- prepared graduates give care that is evidence-based and improves patient outcomes” (Friberg & Creasia, n.d, p. 24). BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) graduates take nursing research and leadership classes that grow their knowledge. Thus, their nursing intervention and
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In a crisis situation, critical care nurse is called for help. For an example- when there is cardiac/respiratory arrest, code blue is called. Code blue response team has doctors and nurses from the ER and ICU. These nurses take a quick report from primary/charge nurse and start responding to the crisis situation. These nurses are trained and qualified to do things such as starting an IV if needed, performing CPR, administering the antidote if needed, reporting and following up with doctor’s order. These nurses are the real life savior. Thus, BSN graduates have a higher performance level than AD

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