Essay about Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized

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Assisted suicide is known as when a patient has a life threatening illness and they request a physician for assistance in order to end their life, and the patient is in control of that. The doctor usually provides the patient with a lethal substance causing them to end their life. Several people, especially people who suffer from life-threatening illnesses or old age are likely to request an assisted suicide. In order to ease the pain they feel. There are several pros and cons to an assisted suicide, however, there are a large number of people who believe that an assisted suicide should not be legalized due to moral and religious reasons. In several countries assisted suicide is banned and it is restricted to practice it, however, some countries are in favor of an assisted suicide. Even though many countries are in favor of an assisted suicide, they still have laws and regulations which they have to follow while performing this act.
Pros and cons
There are numerous pros and cons about an assisted suicide. The many benefits of an assisted suicide include the fact that patients who suffer from various diseases which cannot be cured and are at their last stages for example various types of cancers and many other diseases like multiple sclerosis have the choice of ending their life and freeing themselves from the pain they are enduring. Patients who suffer from a deadly disease also have a humane way of dying due to the fact they are not dying from pain caused by the…

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