Essay about Assisted Suicide : Killing People And Hope

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Assisted Suicide: Killing people and hope With the increase of states legalizing assisted suicide, as well as the increase of people using the option of assisted suicide, it would greatly benefit the society to take a step back. It is necessary to understand what exactly assisted suicide is and how it is negatively affecting the population. Assisted Suicide is currently legal in four states. Oregon legalized assisted suicide in 1997 followed by Washington in 2009, Vermont in 2013 and California in 2016. In Oregon alone 859 people have died from this legalization and prescriptions have been written for 1,321 people. Religion, finances, relationships and doctors are all negatively affected by assisted suicide. For a person to say they are going to commit suicide because they do not want to put their family in a poor finance state is ridiculous. For someone to say that it will be better off for their family if they leave the world by taking a pill is selfish. For a member of the society to say that doctors are here to help them in these kind of situations is indescribable. It is significant that the society sees that the "death with dignity act," is not a solution to the world’s problems. Living with dignity, instead of dying with depression is mandatory for the sake of, religion, relationships, finance and doctors. People are using assisted suicide so their families will not go into financial debt. Jean Hill gives her opinion on assisted suicide and medical costs by…

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