Assignment Questions On Dental Hygienists Essay

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Step 1: Answer the following two required sets of questions below. Cut/paste the questions into your discussion post, and then provide your response:
1. List 5 procedures that dental hygienists are allowed to perform? What types of procedures are prohibited? (note: use the “Statutes” section for this).

Dental hygienists, that are legally licensed are allowed to perform procedures on their own such as: exposing and processing dental radiographs, prophylaxis, scaling, root planning and closed subgingival curettage. They can perform certain routines under the supervision of a dentist: administer local anesthetics and nitrous oxide analgesia. However, some operations are not allowed. Dental hygienists are not allowed to administer local anesthetics on a person who is under the legal age of 18 years old, or someone that has not been examined by a dentist within the year.

2. How many members serve on the board, what professions are represented, how long is the term and how are members selected to serve on the board?

There are 11 members that currently serve on the board. That includes six dentists, two dental hygienists and three public members. There term is four years and each individual maybe serve two terms total. Anyone interested in becoming a board member can apply on the government website : Step 2: Choose two of the below sets of questions (from the set of 9). Cut/paste the questions into your discussion post, and then provide your…

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