Assignment 5 Essay

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Assignment 5: Sustainable Talent Management
June 16, 2013
HRM 532

Criteria #1
Although there are numerous performance management processes that can measure employee talent particularly in this day of computer technology. The most important parts of such a process is to ensure, the old phrase, "of having the right talent in the right roles at the right time is one of the most important issues facing line executives and human resource professionals today." (Silzer & Church, 2009)
In order to ensure that this analogy, which is critical, remains true for any company they must continuously have mechanisms of feedback and then reviews of employees on a regular basis. Most companies
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Not only does this ensure a strong pipeline to meet future needs it increases the engagement of the company's most valuable employees (Stiles, 2006).
Criteria #2
In the Hewitt’s Human Capital Consulting paper, they state that there are five top workforce challenges, which are as follows:
1. Attracting and retaining skilled professional workers.
2. Developing manager capability.
3. Retaining high-performance.
4. Developing succession pool.
5. Addressing shortages of management or leadership talent.
The report goes on to state that in today's uncertain economic environment, it is important that organizations address talent issues promptly, but it is equally important that they get them right-the first time (Hewitt Associates Human Capital Institute, 2008). Based upon the Hewitt reports and research they feel that there has been considerable advance in the understanding and the need of talent pools in order to gain the competitive advantages as well as prerequisite for sustained financial success. From their research they feel that senior leaders recognize the superior talent has a business advantage the leaders understand the critical linkage between effective talent management and business success. There is

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