Assignment 3 - Business Level & Corporate Level Strategies - Ford Motor Company

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Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies – Ford Motor Company
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BUS499, 14 February 2016

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies – Ford Motor Company
It all began in 1896 when Henry Ford built the Quadricycle that rode on four bicycle wheels, operated by a four-horsepower engine with only two forward gears and no reverse ability. Henry soon joined a group that founded the Detroit Automobile Company but left within one year and would soon incorporate the Ford Motor Company with 12 investors and 1,000 shares in 1903. The Ford Model A was the first car sold on July 23, 1903 (
Ford Motor Company has endured many challenges during its 113 years in business. Altering business
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Ford owns stakes (minority ownership) with Mazda through technology sharing and as a joint venture operating under the name AutoAlliance producing vehicles under the Ford and Mazda name in the Thai market. Changan Ford Automobile Corp is another joint venture with Chongqing Changan Automobile, one of the top four auto manufacturers in China selling automobiles in China under both names and utilizing production facilities of Changan’s to produce over a million vehicles per year in that market. Getrag Ford Transmissions GmbH is another joint venture with Getrag International GmbH producing manual transmissions for Europe in the Germany based plants and lastly Ford Motor Land Development is a real estate company that develops, provides engineering services, facility management and dealership design services for their international operations, it is solely owned by Ford Motors (Carpenter, 2015). All together Ford has a low level of diversification under a single business platform. This has allowed Ford to focus on the One Ford Plan which has allowed them to develop and refine their specific capabilities and focus on the ultimate customer satisfaction with their products. There are less challenges encountered with this type of low diversification due to the fact that they have built the infrastructure with their joint ventures to be able to provide, deliver and compete in the international market as well as the US market

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