Assessing The Carrying Capacity Of Humans On Earth Essay

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Assessing the carrying capacity of humans on Earth is a difficult question to answer in part due to the amazing human capital that exists and our ability to find every increasing means to stretch resources further, additionally our understanding of the natural resources available seems to be ever evolving. When viewing the video by Professor Bartlett it is clear that his figures seem to be correct in the exponential growth of populations, the interesting part to me is the ominous view of resource consumption seems to have taken an opposite glide path or temporarily halted. The predictions about consuming the Earth’s oil reserves tend to bear this point out, which he addresses to some degree making reference to the oil shortage crisis in the 70’s. In my view if the world’s oil reserves or other resources were in danger the commodities would be trading and selling at a much higher price. Eberstadt’s Weekly Standard Article in 2002 states.
“Despite the tremendous expansion of the international grain trade over the past century, for example, the inflation-adjusted, dollar-denominated international price of each of the major cereals–corn, wheat, and rice–fell by over 70 percent between 1900 and 1998. By the same token: the Economist magazine’s “industrial commodity-price index”–which tracks 24 internationally traded metals and other commodities–registered a decline of almost 80 percent between 1900 and 1999.”
To answer the second and third part of the questions, I don’t…

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