Assessing And Assessment Reports Within The Church Administration

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Assessing and assessment reports within the church are a crucial and essential part of creating organization and order within the church administration and staff. You have got to know where you are before you can make a plan toward where you sense God is leading. Without assessments and reporting in the church; acquiring higher quality servant leaders would be difficult to attain. In this active culture of today it’s necessary to have just as much of an active church administration. Robert Welch, dean of the School of Education Ministries and professor of administration at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, explains in Church Administration: Creating Efficiency for Effective Ministry, that within church administration “there should be order, not chaos. There should be sensitivity, not discord.” (3). In this assessment we will look at the different parts of church administration and how they work together to impact and influence the local church body in Southlake, Texas called Gateway Church (Gateway). Robert Morris, pastor of Gateway church said, “assessment is to evaluate where you are, where you are headed, identify any danger, and make wise decisions going forward.” Human resources are a department within an organization that deals with the people who work for that organization (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, put the page number). Managing the human resources within the church can be somewhat difficult. It is important that each member realize the dignity of that of…

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