Asses the View That Inside School Factors in Causing Social Class Differences in Educational Acheivement

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Classical theorists:
August Comte:
He was born on the 19th of January 1798, in Paris France. He was born in the shadow of the French revolution and as modern science and technology gave birth to the industrial revolution. During this time, European society experienced violent conflict and feelings of alienation. Comte spent most of his life developing a philosophy for a new social order amidst all the chaos and uncertainty. He rejected religion and royalty, focusing instead on the study of society which he named “sociology”. He broke the subject into two categories: i. Forces holding the society together(social statics) ii. Those driving social change(social dynamics)
Comte wrote so many books which contains the outline of his
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It characterized the world prior to 1300 A.D. According to Comte in this stage ‘All theoretical conception, whether general or special bear a supernatural impress.’ It was believed that all the activities of men were guided and governed by supernatural power. In this stage, the social and physical world was produced by God. At this stage, man’s thinking was guided by theological dogmas. It was marked by lack of logical and orderly thinking. Theological thinking is characterized by unscientific out look. In other words, at this stage all phenomenal are attributed to some supernatural power. The concept of supernatural power itself passes through four sub-stages. In the other words, Comte divided the theological stage into four parts namely: * Fetishism * Anthropomorphism * Polytheism * Monotheism

* Fetishism: It is the first and primary sub-stage in theological thinking stage. In this stage, men thought that in everything God resided. Fetishism is a kind of belief that there exists some living spirit in the non-living objects.

* Anthropomorphism: It is the second sub- stage of theological stage. With the gradual development in human thinking there occurred an improvement in the human thinking which resulted in the development of this stage.

* Polytheism: With the passage of time, human mind develops and there occurred a change in the form of thinking. A more evolved and developed stage than Fetishism and

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