Aspects Of Power In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of mice and men
John Steinbeck novella was written in 1930s which is just year after the “wall street crash” this explains the financial condition of people was really bad and they had to travel around to find a work and most of the people could only find work in farm in California where all the farms are. John Steinbeck who was anti racism and nature lover therefore we see many hints that highlight nature and racism issues; for example the first and the last scene set by the river and that really concords the nature. He has also used Crooks Character to raise issues and aware people about the problems face by the different sex and race like black people of that time. In this we will explore some of the ways Steinbeck presents aspects of power in Of Mice and Men
The characters I am going to concentrate are Curley’s wife and Crooks; the reason
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Because “crooks” is not his real name its shows the lack of respect given by the ranch men however he lived in his own separate room which nobody is allowed to enter "You got no right to come in my room” which shows he hold different power than any worker in ranch.
Steinbeck has penalised “American dream” many times throughout the novella. Steinbeck shows that it’s not always easy to achieve American dream even if you work really hard and he gave the example of people like Curly’s wife, Candy/Candy’s dog, Lennie and Crooks. This explain us the aspect of power that healthy strong men has in society over people who has opposite sex, age, mental and physical disability.
In conclusion, Steinbeck shows you can’t rely on your plant to achieve an American dream unless you are white, physically and mentally strong man. He also shows that violence comes in variety according to different sex, race and class, as he gave many examples throughout the novella by using different

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