Racism In Of Mice And Men

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The mistreatment of African Americans by American Society motivated John Steinbeck to write the novella, Of Mice and Men. As shown in the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, he writes many cultural references to African Americans in the 1930's. There is one character called Crooks who is an African American. In the book Crooks is referred to as a Nigger, in the 1930's this word was considered to be not offensive but in modern times this word is very offensive. In this book, John Steinbeck tries to portray what is said throughout a migrant working farm. Unfortunately, this includes a large amount of profanity some which include offensive racial slurs used against crooks.

John Steinbeck’s influence on his novel “Of Mice and Men” on the truth of racism. In high schools in Suwanee, Florida; Jacksboro, Tennessee; Buckingham, Virginia; and Branford, Florida, students read a book about the truth of the United States of America. Many people were upset with the fact that their children were learning about the racism going around the country and did not want it
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A large number of schools was trying to protest a book because the book contained the truths about the real American dream which is African Americans being discriminated because of what skin color they are, and they do not want to expose what was the truth about how they were really treated. Steinbeck applied the discrimination that was happening throughout the world by having a character name Crooks in his book “Of Mice and Men.” Steinbeck described Crooks as an African American man who was isolated from everyone because of the color of his skin. Crooks is an African American who was beaten out of anger by many people who he works for and was treated as if he was nothing. Steinbeck portrayed how African Americans were treated and how they had to go through these

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