Ashley Fiolek Is A Gold Medalist Essay

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Ashley Fiolek is a gold medalist in motocross. Motocross is the cross- country racing on motorcycles. This is a huge accomplishment by anyone. It takes years of practice and dedication. Its not a sport that everyone is good at. Not only is she female taking part in a male dominated sport, but there’s something else about her too, she’s deaf, but she hasn’t let that stop her from racing.

Ashley was born deaf in Dearborn Michigan on October 22 1990 but her parents moved to St. Augustine Florida when she was eight years old so she could attend the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. She was taken out in favor of home-schooling before the ninth grade because her parents believed that the school was telling her to believe that she was limited and handicapped. Ashley began riding motorcycles at three years old her parents bought her a Yamaha PW50, which is a very basic beginners bike suitable for young children. She didn’t ride the bike very often because she would have trouble riding with the training wheels and she would prefer to ride with her parent. Her racing career began at age seven when she entered the amateur racing circuit. Her father is also a motocross racer which was her inspiration and sparked her interest in the sport. Ashley is a Honda Red Bull Racing team member and the first female to have been given a factory ride, or full sponsorship.

Ashley Fiolek is someone who impacts more than one type of community. She is impacting the deaf community, the hearing…

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