Ashan Vaas Case Study

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Ashan Vaas is a six-year-old child who last year started school. Before that Ashan spent time at home with his mother, meaning he didn’t attend kinder. Ashans grandmother and parents moved to Australia from Sri Lanka 2 years ago he lives with them and his 6-month old baby brother. Ashan is trilingual being able to speak English, Sinhalese, and Buddhist. This ability to speak three languages enables educators to enhance Ashans wellbeing through encouraging his cultural background and home languages and ultimately enhancing Ashans ability to become an effective communicator (DEEWR, 2009).
Ashan is a very competent and capable reader who is currently at level ten. From this reading level, Ashan has a great range of general knowledge and facts from the non-fiction books he enjoys. Ashan has a keen interest in maths problem solving including puzzles and loves collecting football cards this curiosity for problem-solving and puzzles this allows for a wide range of physical and social
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By asking Ashan questions it would enable me to take back the answers to the class to introduce him before his visit. Before this meeting, I would put together a picture book of the class for children to see where they will be going and what the service looks like. Include photos and names of students to enable him to make a connection to the class (Kennedy, 2013). This strategy helps non-English speaking families or children with learning difficulties understand where they are going and what they will be doing (PSC National Alliance,

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