Artificial Intelligence : Science Fiction And Reality Essay

2213 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
Today is the day, as well as every day forward, that the realms of science fiction and reality blend together. New inventions and discoveries are being propelled forward at breakneck speeds as each one feeds another soon to be discovery. Computer technology helps people more than ever before in this modern era. Humanity will always benefit further and further with everything that humans will create; however, throughout history new discoveries have caused harm but that all depends in whose hands any discovery is left into. Artificial intelligence is the next stepping stone of technological evolution as it is adding greater knowledge, easie of life, and great strides in medical research. This blend of reality and fiction should not be feared in the field of artificial intelligence, because the benefits of AI are staggering in everything, in and out of science. Before going in depth about the benefits of artificial intelligence, the origin and concept of AI must be explained. Artificial intelligence is thought of as a modern day marvel but the concepts of this started as far back as in mid 20th century. Toyohide Watanabe in Innovations of Intelligent Machines notes that the birth of AI “emerged out of code breaking work conducted during World War 2” (Watanabe 7). The man behind making it possible was Alan Turing and his work on breaking the Enigma code that was used by the axis powers. Turing even designed a test if to prove if AI has reached human intelligence. Scientists…

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