Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence Essay

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Artificial intelligence(AI) Is a branch of a Computer Science and the development of the Computer Systems that are able to perform tasks that require human intelligence such as speech recognition, decision makings, and more.AI is used in wide range of fields which include medical diagnosis and robots and more.It is ethical to use artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis and treatments according to the ethical theory "act of utilitarianism " which states that an action is good if its net effect is to produce more happiness than unhappiness that benefits exceed its harm.The reason for choosing this ethical theory is that it favors more on good outcomes than the bad outcomes.
AI is vastly used in many fields and medical is one of the most important fields.An individual can go through medical problems like cancer, for example,that can be turned into serious life threatening problem if not diagnosed and treated well at an earlier stage.Sometimes it is difficult for the doctors to diagnose at an earlier stage.This is where Artificial intelligent machine plays a life-saving role in diagnosis and treatment of medical problems.According to the Steve Arar in his news article, he argues that due to the high volume of medical care information available it is difficult for the doctor to recall all the information necessary to make an accurate diagnosis at a given moment.This is where AI is proved to be able to able was the amount of information and able to…

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