Article Review : The Essential 55 Essays

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Book Review
The Essential 55 One of the earlier rules I found vital for first grade students to follow is rule number two, “Make eye contact. When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on him or her at all times. If someone makes a comment, turn and face that person” (Clark, R., 2003, p.1). Teachers would find this rule to be an effective confidence booster when trying to communicate with one or more students. The ability to make direct eye contact with another person shows that you are respecting and taking seriously. It is important that students in all grade levels show respect for each other’s opinions and answers. By showing respect to a fellow classmate, and waiting to speak until they are done, it shows to that student is every one of their classmates are tuning in and taking what they have to say sincerely. Students would benefit greatly from following this rule if they applied it to making eye contact when the teacher is teaching. Sometimes students tend to do some or a lot of daydreaming. The students are probably less inclined to do that if they are focusing and making eye contact with you. This rule is very important for students to understand. It does not only give students confidence in what they are saying and trying to express, but teachers benefit when they are teaching. For example, if students follow this rule, and all eyes are on them, the teacher can look at the facial expressions of students to see whether or not they are confused, exited, or observant.…

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