Essay Article Review : A New Generation Of Islamic Women Living

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A new generation of Islamic women living in Iran, under the rule of a theocracy government are implementing ideas of Islamic Feminism and Gender equality; many women question their own faith as a result of a misunderstanding coming from just one interpretation of the Shira. They feel the only possible chance for change is through the framework of Islam.
This article discusses one of the most important debates among modern Iran feminist, the topic of how nationalism contributed to the domestication of women and how women unknowingly participated in their own oppression. It discusses how the nationalist movement must be kept in mind while discussing the feminist movement, because it was used as its bases. Kashani-Sabet proves this by tracing “two themes in the early Iranian women’s movement: education and veiling” (30). A newspaper in Iran by the name of Danish, was written in 1910 by women for women. This newspaper “aimed to make literacy and formal school education a primary objective for Iranian women” as a way to promote “social progress and the advancement of the nation” (Kashani-Sabet 31). They even encouraged women to go out and find employment. Other newspaper at this time also stated promoting women education, claiming that an educated women would make a better mother and wife. They stated promoting “patriotic motherhood,” educating women on cleanliness in order to combat “infant mortality and the prevalence of epidemic in Iran” (Kashani-Sabet 32).…

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