Article Analysis Room Theory Of Gender, Achievement, And Attitudes Toward Science

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Article Analysis Room 1
The following research synthesis is a comparative literature review of three studies about gender, achievement, and attitudes toward science. The subjects for the studies include elementary, middle and high school students from various areas in the United States. The research articles for the synthesis are: 1.) What happens? Relationship of Age and Gender with Science Attitudes from Elementary to Middle school by Carmen Sorge; 2.) Gender Achievement and Perception Toward Science Activities by Daniel P. Shepardson and Edward L. Pizzini; and 3.) Gender Differences in Science-Related Attitudes and Interests Among Middle School and High School Students by Elizabeth A. Desy, Scott A. Peterson and Vicky Brockman. Based on my readings, the following synthesis will compare the most important attributes of gender, achievement, attitudes toward science, and results. In my paper I will compare the similarities and differences among these attributes from the research provided.
Common Attributes The three compared studies conducted surveys to measure gender differences concerning attitude, achievement, perception and interest toward science among elementary, middle and high school students. (Desy et al., 2011; Sheprdson & Pizzini, 1994, and Sorge, 2007). Desy et al. (2011) provided an overall study of the different attitudes and perceptions among male and female students in grades 6 – 12, finding that “although a number of variables may affect students’…

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