Artic Policy Essay

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Final Exam

Chad Brahler
CDR, United States Navy

A paper submitted to the Faculty of the Naval War College in satisfaction of the requirements for the Theater Security Decision Making Course Final Exam.

The contents of this paper reflect my own personal views and are not necessarily endorsed by the Naval War College of the Department of Navy.

6 January, 2013

Situation: In the scenario for this exam, General Jacoby has ordered the development of a strategy for accomplishing USNORTHCOM’s increased responsibilities in the Arctic region. He placed Major General Howard N. Thompson, USNORTHCOM
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It is the ultimate stretch goal of where all parties want to be. For example a vision for the Arctic region would be a secure region with clearly defined boundaries, an atmosphere for exploration, trade, and economic growth that will lead to well established communities that contribute and protect the environment. Once this joint vision is developed, we will be able to further refine NORTHCOM’s Arctic strategy in concert with our allies.
Much work has been completed on the assessment of the capabilities needed to support the Strategic National Security Objectives. It is easy to state we need more infrastructure in the form of land and sea basing, more satellites to improve communications and positioning capabilities, additional assets in the form of icebreakers, and the presence of well-trained military personnel in the Arctic region, however it is much more difficult to decide the how to develop, where to place and apply the capabilities either in a surge capacity or to shape them over time and the whom to carry out that particular capability. The strategy we will put forth will align resources of our partners to assist with filling in the gaps, set the priority for implementation, and continually evaluate the cost of the Arctic endeavor. To move forward there are three main areas of which we will develop goals for to support our immediate short term strategy (within 5 years); 1) situational awareness, 2) icebreaker plan

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