Essay about Arthur Miller 's The Crucible

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In many acts of literature the tragic hero is often easily to identify, and is often one of the main characters. However, in this play there are many arguments on whether or not John Proctor is the tragic hero of this story. Many believe that in this play Reverend Hale is the tragic hero.In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Reverend Hale solidifies his role as the tragic hero by overcoming his flaw of arrogance and evolving and growing throughout the play, showing that in order for change to happen, one must begin to accept their flaws. In the first act of The Crucible, Hale views himself as one of the most important participants in the attempt to discover the source of witchcraft in Salem. Immediately the reader is informed that Hale feels “the pride of the specialist whose unique knowledge has at last been publically called for” (Miller 31). He felt as if he was the best man for the job since he had previously dealt with the suspicion of witchcraft in his own parish not long before. However, the supposed witch was no more than a nuisance, and was quickly dismissed. However, “that experience never raised a doubt in his mind as to the reality of the underworld or the existence of Lucifer’s many-faced lieutenants” (Miller 31). As Reverend Hale enters the he is carrying six extremely heavy books which are “weighted with authority” (Miller). This shows that Reverend strongly believes that he is a person with quite a large amount of power in this play. In the first act, Hale…

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