Essay on Art Work For My Art

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When picking the six pieces of art work for my art exhibit I wanted a common theme with in each of the works. The common theme with each of these art works that I see is bodies on motion. The order I would place these pieces of art works in my exhibit would start with the Vitruvian Man, then into Basketball player, next would be Motion Study: Male Nude, Standing jumping to the right, followed by Blue dancer, than Danza de La Tierra to the last imagine being Falling Women. The first three photos I placed in this order because without know the natural patterns the body moves in then we would be able to allow the body movement. The next photo shows the muscles that it takes to do a simple task such as dribbling a basketball. The third photo shows the movement and energy that an athlete puts in to perform a jump. The last three pieces of art work I placed them in the dance history time line, starting with ballet, then into salsa dancing following by hip hop dancing.
The Vitruvian man the first piece of art work the viewer will see created by Leonardo Da Vinci. This piece of art work is a drawing that is done with pen, ink and paper this work combines art with science. When looking at this drawing you will see two male figures that are directly on top of each other. As you continue to view this drawing the male figure you see shows the arms and legs extended in different degrees. The first figure you will notice has the legs slightly apart and the arms are fully extended…

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