Art Should Be Presented At School Essay

756 Words Mar 20th, 2016 4 Pages
I believe that art should be presented in school, because it is not something people think that it still exists, for example I believe that if I were to show the creations of art, music,dance, sporting actitivty, or even literature it is important because these topics are something people don’t really pay attention to. I feel like this is not as much demanding in schools as lt was before when I was in elementary school. I have a sister who is in elementary school now, and she has her assignments online for her classes, I feel like this is being taken away to do your homework on paper, and not on the computer. It is the same way about art, we don’t appreciate art as we should be appreciating. This is something I feel like in front of the board that I could present, this is something is very nice to show people that we need to have art in the school, art is something people know but don’t know that much about. According to national center for education statistics in 2009 the children were only able to do once a week for visual art and dance, it could be either or not both. ( ). If children can only do art once a week, how can they learn about the valuable about the artwork that we have. If children just learn the meaning of art, and just do some kind of activities during the week, and just explain to the children that what are the purpose for the activities. In my classroom I teach the pre kindergarden and every week we have a curriculum that as a teacher we follow that we…

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