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Art Appreciation
Art cannot be classified into one category, style, or period. Art is very diverse, ranging from the beginning of the human being to today. Through the years, art has evolved dramatically from stick figures and two dimensional animals to three dimensional sculptures and intricate paintings. The artwork featured at the Seattle Art Museum shows many different types of art and features several different periods in which these artworks were created. Two pieces of art that stuck out the most at the museum was Albert Bierstadt’s Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast and Robert Arneson’s Pool with Splash. Both of these pieces of art showed character and seemed to almost speak to the viewer. Although there are many different periods
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Instead, he went with a lima bean shaped pool. Inside this pool, he gave the water movement and dimension by using the ceramic pieces. He even added a centerpiece of ceramic to create a huge splash. Robert really showed that pools can be more fun and unique then just a square full of blue, still water.
Albert Bierstadt is an artist who traveled across America in order to paint landscapes as they seemed in real life. He was born in Prussia but raised in the United States. Albert was a “drawing instructor before he ever received formal artistic training” (SAM). Once he returned to the United States from receiving his training, Albert became government-funded to create landscape paintings of the west coast in order to persuade settlers to move further west. One piece of art that came from this funded expedition was his Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast. In this painting though, Albert created a type of fantasy land that was not able to be found on the map in his time.
Completed in 1870, Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast is a magnificent painting that depicts Indians pulling up their canoes, setting their baskets on the shore of the Puget Sound in attempt to escape the pacific storm which is thrashing waves onto the sandy beach. In the background, the viewer can see mountainous ranges which are dark from the overhead clouds of the storm. Some of the sunlight is able to shine through the clouds though, and

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