Art Education : Academic Achievements And Discoveries Essay

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Art education has shaped the academic minds of students all over the United States and continues to develop students ' academic achievements and discoveries. Unfortunately, with the creation of the No Child Left Behind Act and the pressure on schools to deliver high test scores in core subject areas, support of art education has diminished. However, art education is essential to a student’s education as it has many benefits and can help students master other subjects more quickly and efficiently. Art-related programs have been shown to help students increase their SAT scores, perform better on standardized tests, and gain more motivation and creativity in a school environment. Not only that, but art classes benefit students from all socio-economic backgrounds, providing greater opportunities for those who are economically disadvantaged. Art classes provide substantial advantages for students as they increase a student 's will to learn and improve their academic standing not only in school, but in the real world as well.
Academic Effects of Art Education
Art education has a wide range of benefits for students that directly affects their academic progress and all aspects of their social lives. Programs that focus on art education have been shown to help motivate teens to stay in school and profoundly impact the way they view education. In fact, according to the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency strongly involved in Arts Education, the schools that offered…

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