Essay on Art Critique- Denver Museum

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Art Museum Critique- Denver

A few weekends ago I decided that out of all of the museums and galleries I could choose to visit I really wanted to go to the Denver Art Museum. I wanted to go there because of a few different reasons. One of the reasons is that my husband and I live very close to the neighborhood so we could walk and enjoy the weather and gorgeous scenery that Denver has to offer. Another reason being that my best girlfriend, Lindsey, lives nearby and she could tag along with us for the day. Finally, the last time I had been to the DAM was back in middle school when I really didn’t appreciate what great artwork was offered there and some teenagers don’t really value the meaning of beautiful art and what the museum has to
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In my opinion, this piece stands out obviously because of the visual weight that is displayed. It seems like a light, woven quilt from 50 feet away, but up close it is implied to be a heavy, metal-like piece creating a much heavier look. The balance of the piece would be asymmetrical because of a few reasons. If you were to cut the sculpture down the middle both sides seem to look similar but have minor differences. One side has more golden colors woven throughout the piece, and the other side is more of a mix of colors that blend together to make some image that resembles an Oasis. You can see it in the sculpture but can’t make out what it is supposed to be.
The focal point, in my opinion, would be the variation of all the colors and wording that make the piece sparkle under the bright light. It was hard for me to really pick one section to concentrate on. I feel like out of all of the colors in the sculpture, the variations of red stuck out the most. Oasis is unified by the many ripples to help show the viewer the details of the piece and how it does resemble a large quilt. If El Anatsui would have made the piece flat, I may have not realized what he was trying to make. The content of the work is that the labels and colors represent the Ghanaian practice of naming textiles, which reveals a lot about the culture and history of the place that the artist is from. While walking through the museum

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