Art As A Waste Of Time And Resources Essay

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It 's easy to think of Art as something created merely for self expression. When compared to the many medical and technological innovations happening in the world today, some see art as a waste of time and resources. However, when one diminishes the value of art in this way they may be blind to its power. Art can expose us to the social issues we may not be as aware of and push us to resolve those issues. Art can give voice to those who may not be able to in other forms express their emotions. It humanizes their experiences and showcases the emotions behind them. Art can sometimes even shock and impel us into a reaction. Artists like Suheir Hammad and Helen Reddy have used their art to voice their experiences and adversity as women in society. Despite women being a large part of the population they have often times throughout history have been seen as lesser than their male counterparts. It has been a tough battle for women to break free from the conventions of this culture and the way they are viewed by society.
An eminent social issue in the united states is racism, particularly against African Americans. Racism has been an issue in America for a long time going back to the slave trade which contributed to the environment of a racist culture in America. By enslaving the African races Caucasian Americans taught themselves they were better than the African races. Although the civil rights of African Americans has improved over the last few decades racism still has a strong…

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