Art As A Social Cultural Production Essay

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Art can be found all around the world in every period. Art is a universal concept in which new art forms constantly are created and brought to life. Up until the 1970s, art was attributed to an individual’s production rather than a social production, which is why sociologists would avoid studying art altogether; it was seen as something that had no social aspect. Before the 1970s, art was only placed on the realm of a sole individual which meant that if we saw a piece of art than that work of art would be attributed to a single individual. However, sociologists have now begun to study art in a sociological approach; theories have developed the idea that art is a social cultural production. The conceptualization of art can be simmered down to theories such as the theoretical approach of art worlds meaning that art is a network of people who cooperatively take part in creating a work of art. Art is formed and shaped based on the systems within which they are created. Through changes within the network of people whom create art and changes within the systems in which they are created, we can explain the transformation of Shakespeare’s works from popular culture to elite culture. The theory of art worlds focuses only on the production and distribution of art through a network of people. It examines the relationships between the creators, distribution networks, art works, and society. Howard Becker created the theory of art worlds directly, which theorizes the creation of art…

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