Essay on Art And Knowing That The Field Of Art

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Museum Paper After studying art and knowing that the field of Art is a very rich one. It is not as simple as most of people think. Art needs understanding and very strong feelings and talent to succeed in forging a piece that would be called a piece of Art. Art is like a science, it has elements and rules and those would affect the final outcome of any piece of work. Theses conclusion I came to understand, made my experience in the Dallas Museum unique and exceptional. However, the feeling of entering the museum was completely different than what I visualized in mind before going there. At the moment I entered the museum and walked through the hallway, I came across wonderful paintings and art. However, there was one that grabbed my attention the most, perhaps because of it resembles some drawings in the book. It was The Charcoal Burner’s Hut (La hutte des charbonniers) by Theodore Rousseau. This piece of art was rich with great details and you could feel the sensation and the exceptional talent this piece requires. I will begin by discussing the colors in Rousseau’s work. Color is an element of Art. It is by far one of the most important elements in any piece of Art. However, color is derived from another element, which is Light. Color is a component of light. It can describe our thoughts and moods and feelings as will. Mixing colors and combining light with dark and red with green makes a great work and conveys the feelings of the painter. It is a very strong element and…

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