Art And Its Influence On The Education System Essay

1217 Words Sep 1st, 2016 null Page
In our current society, art has the power to manipulate expression to the extent that it is different for everyone. The various colors and brush strokes are utilized as a method, to reveal a message that enters deep into the subconscious mind, leaving people feeling different emotions. Artists or even art enthusiasts have a better sense of emotions, giving them a different understanding of the world around them. Yo Yo Ma, an artist, a visionary, a cellist, a connoisseur of the rare beauty, believes that society should integrate the arts into the STEM based curriculum. He speculates that integrating the arts into the current education system, will provide students, of all age groups, a better understanding of society and promote a unified culture, globally. To a certain extent, I am in agreement with Ma’s assumption of incorporating art into the current STEM curriculum, because it would give people a greater comprehension of the world and develop various skills that relate to emotions. Today’s era places more emphasize on science, technology, engineering and math than any other subject because as time advances we want to know rather than feel an emotion. This type of mindset leaves humans in a box because we lack imagination to explore and venture beyond ourselves. Even though science and technology has its advances, it blocks our potential to feel because we always want know “why.” As Ma claims, “I pick up in my many conversations a growing sense that the first…

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