Essay on Art And Art Of Art

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While I was still obsessed with my new art assignment, “ somebody” tapped on my window. An alien came to me and wanted me to explain what the thing is we are calling art on the earth. I feel excited to be an art ambassador, but actually right now I am also somewhat uncertain about what is art. If it was in few years ago, when I was still doing more basic drawing training, I might be able to tell you for more certain. But I am happy to answer some. “ Oh, what happened to art at that time?” the alien asked. It’s not any changes happened to art, it’s just the way I see art changed. What I learned before was mainly about foundational elements of Art( drawing and Painting).
They are about creating representation of the real world. This process lasted for more than tens thousands of years. My ancestors developed drawing and painting in to a peak. “ reaching peak is equivalent to reaching a turning point, right?” - It seems that this alien knows many things! =_= Yeah, Different than the subject of art which had been worshiping wealth, traditional values, material culture and almost exclusive to wealthy people. Some artist began to use unmixed colors; their paintings started to loose brushstrokes, and they tended to focus on more ordinary subject matter. The invent of photography also contributed to this process. The representation created by brushes could bot be more real than pictures! The paint and draw were almost died at that time. But the World War changed…

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