Essay on Army Green : The Army

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SERGEANT RAGNAR MULDOON, THE ELITE HUMANITARIAN IN ARMY GREEN: The army, I love it for its adventurous value has forever played with my mind and soul! Being a young sergeant, I am constantly reminded that it is my job is “Not to Question Why, But To Do Or Die!” My mind bellowed at me in the voice of First Sergeant Reed. I remember the day that I was told by my commanding officer that we would no longer be conducting combat operations in Iraq as we would be home with our families in two weeks. As my buddies and I rejoiced and celebrated the good news, I felt guilty for leaving all of the Iraqi people that I had encountered. Good people dictated by an evil despot who exploited them as if they were cattle had become my family. They had depended upon me at every turn of events in their live. Whether it was a shortage of firewood for warmth and cooking in their refugee came across the six lane highway, the need of assistance with the delivery of a baby……oh yes, the new born baby delivered by the almost seven foot tall Irish medic, Fitzpatrick, delivered in the middle of the chaos and the savagery of war, whose mother gave an Irish first name to her baby, giving him the privilege of being the only son of Iraq to have an Irish name…….where was I going with this…..oh yes, the need of food even freely given by us who lacked enough food for three meals a day for ourselves, or the rush to their defense when children came running to me yelling “Ali Baba, Ali Baba, Ali Baba” meaning…

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