The Armenian Genocide Film Analysis

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Film review by Artem Palamarchuk PD120514

The Armenian Genocide is documentary film about cruel historic event that happened in 1915 where Turkish government committed that crime. The length of the film is one hour in which as in every documentary films the professors, writers, and simply people were sharing their knowledge about that event.
In the introduction part of the film the look was taken on who was the Armenians and their ancient history as well as was explained their culture and religion. In the 15-th century Armenia was conquered and became the part of Ottoman Empire. The legal position for the minorities of Ottoman Empire wasn’t pleasant, everyone should obey to the sultan and to his laws, pay high taxes and other similar policies
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The other more interested and more valuable episode in that film is the today’s Turkish officials, scholars and simply citizens of Turkey denial of that 1915 Armenian genocide. As one of the professor from Turkey denies that genocide and his point was that not only Armenians was killed but also Turks where both sides were involved in civil war. There also Turkish diplomats who are denying that fact. Hence this fact shows that indeed genocide happened and according to one of the professor from film “It can lead to some obligations and measurement…”
This documentary film about Armenian genocide is trying to show what really happened in period of 1890th and 1915. With the historical documents, reasons and archives this film is trying to highlight the dark side of Ottoman Empire’s policies towards the Armenian minority. Nevertheless this films is also showing today’s Turkey position towards this question. The Turkish scholars are disagreeing that this genocide never happened, where the other scholars provides some examples that it happened. This question is still ongoing and discussing between Turkey and other

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