Armed Conflict In Colombia

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Issue & Objective
The United States primary policy issue with the Colombia is the worrying high percentages of the drug traffic and production smuggled to the U.S through the past years; as a consequence of, the Colombia status as the world’s principal cocaine-production nation. During 2000 and 2010, drug users in the United States spend on the order of $100 billion annually on cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine, but in 2000, much more money was spent on cocaine than marijuana; in 2010 the opposite was true (estimation). However, the drug traffic is not the only U.S policy issue with Colombia. The civil war against insurgent groups in Colombia had been a critical battle, that U.S has been supporting. The armed conflict in Colombia
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However, in order to accomplish and combat the drug traffic, the U.S efforts inquire to focus in wrestle the civil war in Colombia against the insurgent groups, mainly the FARC since Colombia is. Nevertheless, in the last 15 years, Colombia have emerged a new era of positive progress, improving the strengthening of the security, democracy, and development of the country. “In 2000, U.S. support for Plan Colombia; included was $1.3 billion in emergency supplemental appropriations in equipment, supplies, and other counter narcotics aid primarily for the Colombian military. The plan aimed to curb trafficking activity and reduce coca cultivation in Colombia by 50% over five years” (USAID). On the other hand, underneath the Colombia’s government during 2012 a peace agreement to end the civil war in Colombia was as been developing, but to avoid any corrupted actions the U.S objective of U.S policy should support and assist the peace agreement to the execution of the peace …show more content…
Furthermore, U.S-Colombia relationship has a strategic target to ensure and strengthen a global security partnership “the strong operational relationship between the United States and Colombian militaries should allow Colombia to deploy its forces in some joint operations, not unlike other major U.S. global security partners” (Restrepo, 2016). In order to reinforce and improve the U.S national interest in Colombia, the civil war against the insurgent groups and the drug war in Colombia has to be controlled and end it with a potential U.S policy; since these two major conflicts are the ones that stop the progress of the country and the U.S-Colombia

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