Essay about Aristotle 's Article Entitles By Aristotle

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In Aristotle’s article entitles “Nichomachean ethics” he discusses the factors that shapes a persons’ character, specifically the friendships that we make. He categorizes the reasoning behind each friendship that we form into three categories: friendship of utility, pleasure and virtue. From his discussion he concludes that friendships are a necessity to humans and that no one could live without friends. That being said, I will be arguing that the friendships that we form are a necessity to the our well being. I believe that this is the case because they provide strength and stability during various life situations, encourage lifestyle habits and boost self esteem, and they prevent loneliness.
Friends are an important part of our health and well being. They provide us with support during difficult times and they help us to celebrate the good times. As humans, we encounter various circumstances in life that can either be joyful or stressful. From purchasing a new home or having a child to learning that you may have developed an illness. Each of these situations are the many things that we go through in our everyday lives, however for the most part we do not go through it alone. The people that we meet and the friendships that we form allow us to share our joys and worries with someone who we trust. True friends, also known as a friendship of virtue by Aristotle (Aristotle), is someone who is selfless and is always around to help you whenever needed and they are more than…

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