Pros And Cons Of Refugees Seeking Asylum

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Refugees seeking asylum in United States Proposal Argument
The United States has always been a country self-open to people of different ethnicities and religions. America has always been a where people can arrive and seek for a better life, with abundant amount of opportunities to offer. America is a growing nation and I believe that the U.S should allow European refugees into the country and shouldn’t avoid them as outsiders, regardless of who you are and the challenges you’ve faced to seek asylum. For example, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated that “Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” This quote signifies that refugees in need of protection from ongoing problems, such as a war going on or even persecution. With this being said refugees have been given the right to be protected with this universal right proposed. The ability to be protected from war
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All humans have the right to seek safety in other countries asylum from persecution and I believe that this should an obligation that needs to occur, but luckily there are procedures the United States follows to help refugees. In order to address this issue, 2 the United States must be willing to react to the incident occurring in the European countries as the refugees try to seek asylum. One solution that could make a difference is for the United Nations to collaborate together and focus on the issue at hand. By working together, the United Nations can potentially come to an understanding of the refugee crisis and begin helping other countries at aid.
First, European refugees should be able to migrate to other countries in seek of protection from the war. If the main purpose is to evade the ongoing war, then people should be able to pass through countries borders without having to limit

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