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NCAA College Football Playoffs
Michael D. Cruz
Post University

NCAA College Football Playoffs College Sports in America are a huge part of most people’s lives and in a way sports defines American culture. There are a lot of important topics related to sports and one of them is a change in NCAA College Football Bowl Championship Series to the College Playoff System that will decide which team is the number one college football team in the country. College football is currently based on a rating system that determines which team is to play in a specific bowl game and what two teams are selected to play against one another for a national title. Recently the CPS has been approved with much debate as to which system
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(, 2013). Both the Harris Interactive Poll and the Coaches Poll use a mathematical formula involving the points given to each team to determine each teams ranking every week. (, 2013). Another component of the BCS ranking system is the Computer rankings which is an automated system that can determine the average rank of a team based on its own point system and mathematical formula. The BCS system of ranking teams involves all three ranking schemes to determine the rank of each team and which ranking team goes to which bowl game with only the final two teams playing in the BCS Championship game. (, 2013). Another factor that affects the three rating schemes is an automatic qualification of specific teams to be bowl eligible and how other teams fall under the automatic qualification based on the regional conference the teams are in. (, 2013). After considering all of the aspects of ranking and selecting teams to specific games it is clearly biased to specific colleges or universities and the system favors some teams over others based on their conference, history, power, and revenue. The new playoff system of selecting which teams will be eligible and participate in a playoff is a lot simpler and is based upon a playoff selection committee.

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