Argumentative Essay: The Fall TV Premiere

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OMG! It’s almost time! The Fall TV premiere dates for 2017 have been teased all summer and now it’s time for a full reveal. If viewers weren’t a nail biter prior to the beginning of summer, fans definitely are now. There are so many good stories just waiting to be aired to the viewers. The teasing has been extreme and depending on your favorite show, it appears the fall TV schedule will be a doozy.

Thankfully, viewers won’t be overloaded with too much at the beginning. Instead of all the shows premiering at once, they string it out a bit, making September one of the busiest TV months of the year. Viewers can’t complain though. It’s awesome to steadily be reintroduced to some of our favorite characters. First TV premiere show to enjoy is The
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The Semifinalist shows are always the best when it comes to finding out who will do their best in front of a live audience.

When it comes to being the best for America, being live from Hollywood is part of the equation. As the acts continue to absorb the spotlight, the semifinals offer up a look at who might choke when some of the elements (the audience and Simon’s desire to hit the red button) are uncontrollable.

Here’s to hoping everyone has epic performances on AGT! May the best acts move forward without too much heartbreak, per America’s nod of approval!

What’s Your TV show hashtag?

TV show hashtags are a real thing for the 2017 Fall TV show premieres. Connecting with other viewers is a 2017 thing that shouldn’t be ignored to get more insight about your favorite show. So after reading CarterMatt to get all the juicy details, don’t forget to check out what other fans are saying. The hashtag approach is the fastest way to get in the mix on social media. For example, the Ellen Show is always chatted up with #ellenshow OR just #ellen. YOu can use #AGT to see who everyone else is voting for too. Get involved with your show with a TV show

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