Argumentative Essay: The Concepts Of Zombies

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Argumentative Essay

Personal identity is something that most people feel they understand, but struggle to say out in the open in a way that would make sense to others because of how there’s just so many ways you could define it. It sounds like something that would be easy, most everybody has their own personal identity after all, yet it’s not always that simple. Given that there are so many theories on it and the fact that everyone has their own opinions on such topics, agreeing on one particular theory for everyone to adopt is nigh impossible, but if you truly think about it, a theory that involves the brain and all the functions of it is one that makes the most sense. Easy ways to think about these hypotheticals is to imagine a thought experiment. With this case, it’s very hypothetical as zombies aren’t real, so with thought experiments, you have to think about not only what pertains to your theories but also what could counteract them. You have to consider most if not every possibility in a hypothetical to get the big picture and to truly understand what it is you’re talking about. There are so many different varieties of zombies, it’s hard to keep track of them sometimes. For simplicity’s sake, let’s go with the idea of a zombie being a being that at one point was a
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It doesn’t matter how, natural or otherwise, but for example, your best friend died in some sort of accident. There was immediate death, and no vital signs, so they’re very obviously dead. Yet somehow, a few minutes after, they’re back up on their feet, but there’s something obviously off about them. This only makes sense, as they had just died, only to somehow ‘come back to life’. Your friend is no longer your friend, because after this reanimation of their body, they’re mentally, intellectually, psychologically very different. A person who has died and come back as a zombie is not the same person as they were

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