Case Study: The Beast Within The Beauty

Superior Essays
Julie LaRovere
Mrs. Lozares
English II
15 February 2017
The Beast within the Beauty
1. Hair, makeup, nails, and action! Being a beautician is a lot more important than we realize. A lot of the reason we like something is because it’s pretty. We watch movies with attractive people in it, we go to prom and look nice, there’s beauty pageants where we judge how beautiful someone or something is. Without beauticians a lot of that wouldn’t be possible. There’s so much more to beautician than sitting around with makeup, nail glue, and scissors. They have to go to school, they have responsibilities, they have to make their way up to get payed more, they have organizations and they have dangers just like any job. So many people don’t take this job
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There are organizations everywhere that seek out churches, shelters, and the elderly to not only do their makeup and hair and make them feel beautiful but also teach them how to properly take care of themselves (Empowering Through Beauty, Inc). There are many many different organizations you can join or donate to. 15. One of them is Empowering Through Beauty, it is a non-profit organization (Empowering Through Beauty, Inc). Which means that they do not take money from anyone. Which means you have to be really responsible with the things you do because money isn’t always there to replace things. Responsibility is a big deal in the organizations and in the …show more content…
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