Argumentative essay steve jobs

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On the 5th of Oktober 2011 I was sitting on the couch just risen from my sleep still yawning when the news came on like any other Wednesday morning. By the tone of the anchors voice I immediately woke up thinking a disaster had struck somewhere and there was breaking news. Steve Jobs, the famous CEO of Apple inc. had passed away due to pancreatic cancer. My family had always been quite a fan of Apple products and it was always a thrill to watch Job’s presentations so it was a slight dissapointment. After having made toast there were 3 more news headlines which all had the same tone of seriousness which reported this matter. It surprised me that this news was so big in the Netherlands. Once on the bike in the rain I passed the local kiosk …show more content…
I agree to this quote as, after further research, Jobs was only the man bringing the products to the people, he did lead the company however never played a role in new products. The question remains why is Steve Job’s death been overrated. I think this is because of wrong information. If you ask anyone who Steve Jobs is they’ll either tell you, Apple’s owner or the Inventor at Apple. Neither of these is correct. Of coarse Apple’s products are immensely popular and millions use the products but that the CEO of that tech company causes so much grief in the world is quite astonishing.
On Facebook there is always laughable content around which is posted by people with a lot of humour and people who pay attention and often post a wake-up call to society. As was a less laughable poster which showed up and became incredibly popular on the internet. The poster showed a picture of steve jobs with the text ‘One person dies and 100 million cry, 1 million die and no one cries’1A, with a picture of children in poverty and hunger (image can be found in appendix. A very strong statement is made here as this also confirmed I was not the only one finding Steve Jobs’s death quite overrated. The statement which is made is quite emotionally loaded but it is reality with a possible hidden agenda. I think that it was this picture which also made it to the

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