Argumentative Essay: Should The Government Make Healthcare Mandatory?

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My answer to the question whether government should make healthcare mandatory—i.e. something we have to sign up for and pay for—is conditional; not a simple declaration of yes or no, or a cheap summation of good or bad. I think it is our government’s responsibility to make healthcare mandatory, so long as mandatory healthcare did not contradict the other obligations of the US Government to its people, was legal, and the quality of a healthcare package (and what’s in it) was demonstrably in the public interest government should be serving, as defined by the standards and ethics—and (let’s not forget) paid for by the public. =================
There are many ramifications that come with adopting such often systemic change in healthcare institutions throughout the country. I’ll consider the ethical, philosophical, legal, and moral ramifications a bit more closely before elaborating more on my position. =================
Ethically speaking: should the government make healthcare mandatory, as a public good? Again, this is
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But ‘the fine print’, who writes the law, for what purpose or effect, and likewise, what really gets defined as “healthcare” under the law, and whether instituting this mandatory healthcare does not infringe on other rights—should make a difference in one’s answer. I would say that so long as that healthcare is (1) accessible, (2) of top quality adequate to meeting not only the most common healthcare needs but a range of particular ones, and (3) “adequate” quality of healthcare (a tricky term)is freely defined by the public to pay for it, with the aid and considerations of its government consistent with legal frameworks, then making healthcare mandatory for the public (if consistent with legal frameworks)—would be our government’s responsibility to deliver healthcare, and the public’s responsibility to help support

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