Informative Essay About Cigarette Smoking

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Cigarette Smoking

Around 480,000 people die every year in the United States because of smoking cigarettes. Although some people believe that smoking isn’t as bad as others say it is, it has been proven that smoking is unhealthy and can cause lots of health problems and diseases. People need knowledge of what smoking can truly do to us physically, mentally, and financially so we stop getting harmed by dangerous cigarettes.
Smoking of cigarettes can cause many problems in many ways, it causes the most problems physically. Smoking is unhealthy and causes tons of health problems that negatively affect a person’s physical activity. Smoking can negatively affect people's lungs, which leads to breathing problems, especially for people who already
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But the prices on a box of cigarettes can go way up. Not only is it expensive now but a person can spend lots more, especially if they smoke a pack a day. The average smoker loses $2,292 dollars to cigarettes each year. Adding on to the list of various problems caused by smoking, many smokers miss out on a lot of important things in their life because of it. Smoking is so unhealthy for the smoker and everyone around the smoker, that businesses and other sorts of public areas have a “no smoking” rule, which states that if a smoker wants a cigarette, they have to leave before they can. Another thing to add to this is that it is not your choice when you stay or go out to smoke, the nicotine in cigarettes will not stop reminding your brain how badly it wants a cigarette, until you give in and leave, missing out on lots of things. Smoking doesn’t just affect people, but it can also affect the Earth. When one person lights his or her cigarette it affects themselves, and the rest of the world. Air pollution caused by smoking is ten times worse than the exhaust from a vehicle. A bunch of harmful impacts smoking has on the environment are deforestation, climate change, litter, and forest fires. Smoking is very expensive, causes problems with the environment, and makes people miss out on fun experiences. 1, 2,

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