Argumentative Essay On Sanctuary Cities

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Sanctuary Cities
The fear of being moved from conformity is a grave one; who doesn't like the idea that the hard work they put in for is there to stay and to appreciate. A sanctuary city in the United States is one that protects the immigrants residing in the area from harassment and detainment from immigration and customs enforcement (ICE). The removal of sanctuary cities leaves families of immigrants to live in fear, even though they are wrongfully in this country this issue requires a coherent solution. With both having and not having sanctuary cities there is bound to be drastic changes. These changes are laid out to help the government and the law to determine the status of the people that come in and out of the country, take part of
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Well, what makes them illegal? Most of these people who are coming in are considered illegal with the mere fact that they can’t qualify through the process to gain residency in this country. As an immigrant you find ways to make the best of the situation you are placed in, they make the United States their new home, to build the great American dream, therefore they find new opportunities such as jobs. A job is a place where you do tasks or work to earn a pay to compensate for the service. The American Dream, even though it is a quintessentially American aspiration, each individual person has a unique vision of just what it is... As alluring as all of these visions are, however, the truth is that they are only outcomes of the American Dream, and not the dream itself. The American Dream is actually a state of mind.(Weddle) Being defined we know that in order for immigrants to feel like they’re living the American Dream they have to follow through and get a job. As undocumented immigrant are residing here they go through the same process of paying state and local taxes. The best evidence suggests that at least 50 percent of undocumented immigrant …show more content…
We must all remember that overall we are all human and have values that should be respected and taken into account. As undocumented immigrants came here in hope and search for a better life while pursuing the American dream, our ancestors had the same idea when we came to conquer the land where we are free. Lots of immigration laws come and go to benefit people when needed, they will never be the same for a long period of time. Sanctuary cities overall should be supported there is only a limited amount of them that are around and the people there benefit from it. Keeps people working and happy that they are taking a part of the greater community. Being said if there is going to be a removal of sanctuary cities it is comprehensible since it is illegal to trespass where you don't belong, but the children should never feel like they are at fault and should be able to one hundred percent enjoy the life as an American citizen without the fear that their family will be

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