Argumentative Essay On Privacy Rights

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Privacy rights Negatives

To speak the truth about privacy rights many have different opinions. Which can cause many disagreements between people. When one thing that almost all of those people want. When it comes to these issues is people just want to feel they have a voice in the discussion. Whether it is being positive or negative they just want to feel they are being heard. So people have to make sure even if they don’t include someone's opinions or ideas in the final results. That they at least discuss and make it seem like they are making an effort to make their ideas a part of the final answer. So I feel that students belongings should be allowed to be searched at any time throughout the school day. My first reason that students belongings should be searched at any point in the school day is because it will help try to keep kids safe. The reason for this is because if backpacks and lockers and things of that nature. Are being used by students at school. Then are being checked frequently. Then kids might be more careful with what they are bringing to school. Now this has been a huge debate between schools, Parents, teachers, students, and many more…...Although their is one thing that is being shown through all points of view. Which is that all of them want safety. To be a major focus on the schools their children are going to. So this should be a big eye opener for those people. If they are
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Technically schools have the right to search lockers and desks during the school day. This is because this is the school's property that they are just being generous and letting students use throughout the school year. Which means that whatever is in the spaces the school is, providing they have every right to look inside. This is why I believe that Students' belongings should be allowed to be searched at any point throughout the school

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