Plastic Surgeries

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In order to present this research paper the main focus was to offer a primary source that would demonstrate how people would change their mind after reading all the information provided and the supporting Ideas. A survey conducted to ask ten people their opinion on plastic surgeries revealed that a 70% of them did not agree. Plastic surgery gives people many benefits in the way they think about their self-image and self-esteem. The leading reason why plastic surgeries are beneficial is because of the mental, emotional, and physical advantages they offer in giving people a new appearance to make them feel and look better. Self-esteem is one of the main keys when acquiring plastic surgeries. The purpose of this is to make people appreciate the …show more content…
The word ‘Plastic’ does not necessarily mean that a person is going to have plastic in their body, technology has advanced and most of it can be done with our own body fat. Now aday one of the most common procedures in Colombia is for women to gain weight, following their gain they go through a surgical procedure where the adipose tissue (fat) is relocated from the abdomen, external, or internal obliques to the buttocks. Plastic surgeries are not only focused on changing the way people look to please them, there is also reconstructive plastic surgeries. Reconstructive plastic surgeries are the restoration of appearance and function following injury or disease, or the correction of congenital defects. When women suffering from breast cancer is an example of when a reconstructive plastic surgery might be required. For instance, a mastectomy (Surgical Removal of the Breasts) leaves women with scars and with their self-image basically destroyed. A mammaplasty can be the solution for them, it does not give the same feeling, but the appearance and it may even look better than when it was …show more content…
These procedures depend on the person and their health status. Some of the most common procedures are bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, or simply a liposuction. All of these procedures require the assistance of a plastic surgeon who performs many steps in order to give a new stomach size to people.
When people lose an extraordinary amount of weight their skin stays loose, most of the time the only option for these people to get their skin back to its normal position is going through surgical procedures. These procedures vary based on the amount of weight they lost and the area. An abdominoplasty, or the removal of excessive skin is performed on these people to eliminate all the hanging skin and give them a new body shape.
These facts do not only explain how plastic surgeries can be beneficial but also the influence it has on a person’s attitude and lifestyle. The survey mentioned in the introduction was also conducted after all the participants analyzed the information provided about the benefits of plastic surgery. Each of their opinions were different, it showed that only a 10% of them did not agree, not because they thought it was a bad decision but because of their personal beliefs. Changing the critique a person has when referring to themselves can improve many lives and give different reasons to live and

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