Persuasive Essay On Not Finishing College

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Not finishing college In today’s society, teens are quickly thrown into adulthood with decision making that directly influences their future. However, they all do not develop the most successful lives. When picturing college, the idea of freedom and partying come to mind. Although this may be some individual’s motivation, not everyone can handle the work process and responsibilities that come with college. This leads to the loss of control of a previously planned out life. Many obstacles occur down the road, which can cause one to abandon college, and/or choose a different route. Financial burdens and instability are a main source for a college dropout. Debt or inability to obtain financial aid contributes to financial struggles. Many people …show more content…
One example could be the need to balance school and employment. Working long hours or multiple shifts can interfere with academic performance, although the job is necessary for the student to be able to afford his/her monthly expenses. Many college students find it necessary to find employment once they begin their academic career as money becomes more and more sparse. This leads to more of a need to manage one’s time. If the tasks are unbearable, it can lead to more stress. If becoming too overwhelmed, this may lead to a mental breakdown, and can result in dropping out. Personal situations involving family may shift a college students focus off of school and force them to focus more toward home life. If a loved one is hospitalized or dying, one may need to miss classes to help take care of them. Leaving school retracts the focus. An example would be when one of my brother’s good friends dropped out of college to take care of his mother, and unfortunately never ended up coming back. If these events continue to occur, many college students will not finish. In many cases the higher the education, the better chance one has at scoring a higher paying job. To avoid these problems, it’s pretty simple; just find out the way to obtain a correct balance between social life, and your school

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